In DirectInput mode, they should give you basic gamepad functionality in most games when plugged into a PS3. I play games for FUN, not spending hours tweaking crap. New games only support the XBox controller on PC now, no others. The Cordless RumblePad 2 is a great product, but the F is definitely a big step forward. The feature checkbox is incorrect. Do the Logitech drivers support splitting the analog triggers to use their own axis? Hi Teez, If the game supports simultaneous controllers, then yes.

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Multiple Fs can be used on the same system without wireless conflict. Anyway, at least the receiver is small and wireless. In XInput mode it is not possible to reconfigure the gamepad, as Microsoft made a design decision to try to standardize controller layouts on PC. However, some functions like vibration and tilt will not be available, they do not have a PS button, and not all PS3 games work with DirectInput gamepads.

In XInput mode, the gamepad should work with standard OS drivers and no software installation should be necessary. Can the nano receiver be used with this controller and other devices at the same time? The Logitech Gamepad F features a familiar, comfortable control layout and our unique floating D-pad design that offers exceptional accuracy in all eight directions. In DirectInput mode, the gamepad should be detected by the driver installation.


We have improved our minijoysticks several times over the course of the life of the Logitevh Action Gamepad, and the new pads have benefited from these improvements. It is important for driving games where you may want to be applying some breaking and some throttle at the same time. It has cordlwss functionality on the PS3 — all the controls will work except the Home button and vibration feedback.

Since the Korean version of Logitech. Just make them auto-detect as an XBox controller and you win. If the game correctly supports XInput gamepads and vibration feedback, the F will play vibration feedback correctly. At first, I thought the issue was driver related and checked my driver version but it was already up to date and no later driver fixed the problem.

Hi Chris Pate, Any of those gamepads have a utility to adjust sensitivity and dead zone on the sticks? I ditched my Logitech and got an XBox due to compatibility problems. In XInput mode they will not function. Hi Patrick, The new gamepads should be available in Germany in the next few weeks.

Logitech WingMan Cordless Gamepad USB drivers for Windows 7 x64

Wingmaj searched all the web but only found that f is still not available here. There is a very detailed walkthrough to setting up gamepads with Second life on their wiki page.

For assistance in getting the Logitech Gaming Software to install, please contact Support using the link at the top of this page.


New games only support the XBox controller on PC now, no others. I really want the F The problem Im having with it is that why is the left analog stick acting like its the D-pad? I was wondering when there will be a new steering wheel comming out for the PC.

Logitech WingMan Cordless Rumblepad Price in Malaysia & Specs | Harga | iPrice

Skip to main content. Your own slogan is still just a bunch of words without real usage. Hello i have a question about your controllers. Hi Gamepxd, In order to ensure a better gameplay experience, the F communicates with the PC twice as many times per second as our standard Unifying devices do.

Hi marcus, The receiver uses 2. With most games, no software installation is necessary. No ratings or reviews yet. They each have a physical switch that can gameppad them between XInput and DirectInput mode. Also is it possible to do it in game without restarting the game? Is there any kind of ship date for this controller?

Any hope of the F or F making with the rumbly when hooked up to my Mac?

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