Mon Sep 08, Nothing below 85hz for these eyes, even at x on a 19in. However, I do take exception to what’s been about MB memory being more than enough. This is just more mindless speculation, but it is their first dip into the mass market of motherboard chipsets, so don’t hold it against them to try this months down the road, as VIA has already confirmed its okay to do. And hope they don’t change ATX specs Gives vendors and users options for the future. BCMoney Jan 29, , 3:

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In the end, I suspect the ‘key’ to souns nForce vs. I think pvsurfer was making a point that the amount of memory, just like nForce’s integrated features, is a matter of personal needs, and no offense intended I don’t believe there is any such thing as “REGULAR usage”.

KT266A or nForce?

If I recall the Soyo Dragon I had correctly, there should be a jumper block somewhere in the middle, near the slots, that need to be set to activate the onboard sound. The same goes for the KTA.

Sure the nForce is all fancy and nancy like, and their siund is pretty cool, but remember when I said put your money on a pretty case, nah, invest it in a GREAT monitor! Also, if I recall the Q3a demos have sound disabled.


The official drivers I get say that it can’t find my onboard sound. So then I thought that maybe if I could kt266s my computer to somehow “change up” the sound drivers a bit it would start to see my on board sound. You could use 3, and hand out the rest as stocking stuffers I suppose?

Via KTa – Avid Pro Audio Community

Sep 23, Posts: As I said before, I could very well be wrong; could someone fill me in. Soyo’s site, and gotten older drivers? MadCat Jan 30,9: Apparently my comments upset you, so please accept my apology. Just out of curiosity, kindlr, what version of windows do you run? I’m looking to see what kind of kt266q nForce boards will skund. In fact, you are absolutely right in that the memory needs of users of Adobe’s professional products exceed the needs of users of most MS apps, games, etc.

Now, lets fill up all three slots Throughout the benchmarks, the nforce slightly loses, but I think if they had used two identical DIMMS it might have done a bit better. Benchmark testing reveals that the KTA is worth asking for by name and by letter.

Even for the good stuff! Boskone Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Tribus: I cannot get this working. Oh, and seriously, unless you really are nancy about a pretty case, then get one, otherwise just get one that won’t break the bank, satisfies your needs, but remember the good quality power supplies PS cost more money.


Intel r g45 g43 express chipset and game help: Looks like they are not very pro nForce here. They do teach memory management, in fact its part of Computer Science 2, a class I took in high school and am now being forced to take again as a freshman in college. It all depends on what one is running and personal needs.

Anonymous Nov 5,5: Every time I click on a new link, Winamp just starts to stutter. Nothing below 85hz for these eyes, even at x on a 19in. Amen to that, 6 days?

KTA or nForce? – Motherboards – Tom’s Hardware

I guess we all tend to look upon ourselves as “regular users”. Oh, wait, the XBOX Also, consider that if you get nForce, if you do upgrade youll HAVE to buy a new graphics card, sound card Kt266q downloaded the appropriate drivers many many times and nothing.

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