Ben Collins ben-collins on Number 32, PowerLimit Windows run well, Puppy 3. Cannot allocate resource region 3 of device And now I can run Ubuntu! What helped was to change the grub root only!

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Maybe there will be an update of the CD, but I don’t know if and when. Dear all I found this link on www.

Vista has no problems with it so I think we can rule out hardware failours. For the record, the kernel in dapper-updates has a patch which should fix this, but nobody tested it so far.

Do you have a problem with it? The amount of complaints is rising on various linux forums as people begin buying this newer tech and I very much miss using my favorite open source operating system: I try today daily build. Ray Trautman raytraut wrote on I would like to confirm the bug.


Some chip implementations seem to not work well with MSI. I’ll work on getting this resolved as quickly as possible. Currently, I am running kernel 2. Fixed kernel is in two places: Use Question Form such as ” Why? Would you use Snapchat filters on your dog? Daniel Hollocher chogydan wrote on Michael Anckaert michael-anckaert wrote on The solution for me was to plug my harddisk in a high numbered sata port, in my case port 6 worked like a charm.

Except now I can’t watch films because hdparm doesn’t work with sata.

JMB361 Datasheet PDF

Do you know when this package will next be recompiled and hence, added to the daily build? I don’t know if this relates, but I tried to boot from a 6. Net and jmidron accuracy. Pretty much what this tells me is that the patch that I was provided just doesn’t fix the problem.

Which indeed didn’t have any installation problems. Tomorrow, we should have edgy daily ISO’s with this new kernel. I also think this should be changed to critical. Or do I just leave it alone? I gave up on trying to get ubuntu on my nmicron natively. I’ve also tried Xubuntu 7. Puppy has a small tool to mount all sorts of partitions – so if it can see and mount them then we may get some clues to the problem.


I need to use Ubuntu.

MS PNeo How to set/enter Jmicron Bios at boot up

I can’t use linux! Hoeflerb hoeflerb wrote on The irqpoll arqument jb361 “”. This bug should be considered Critical. My hardware is following:

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