To upload the changed table to the controller: A number of factors can contribute to the iNetVu? For modems that have a blank password, this field should be left blank. I was using because I misunderstood its use. Ensure that there are no metallic objects that could interfere with the Compass, and that the Mobile Platform is on level surroundings. Page of 20 Go. Configuration — Modem Parameters Type The user must select the service in use from this drop down menu for proper modem to controller connectivity.

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Other services such as iDirect do not require the modem frequency to find satellite. AZ Displays real-time current drawn and speed settings for the azimuth motor, as well as real-time azimuth angle and limits, search window size, and AZ zero.

Select the virtual Direction unetvu you would like in order to set the search starting point AZ Ref on Controls screen.

Page 2 For your safety and protection the following important safety information should be reviewed before installation, configuration and use of the iNetVu Satellite Platform System and Modem equipment. One time to return to the configuration screen and one more time to exit the configuration screen. Infinitely loops with 6-seconds interval between tests. These conditions are also required by C-COM for all other installed locations. Service Configuration screen, allows for the type of service selection and means of communication.

Firmware Update Screen To update the firmware via web page: Mobile Platform should be physically centered on the Azimuth axis. Existing users can easily upgrade to this new line of controllers. Once the service type is chosen, the user must click on the Update Beam Table button to apply the correct Beam Table for the selected Service type. See Platform Setup and Maintenance Manual for instructions on how to adjust the OMT based on polarity LNB Power V In cases where the LNB requires more power then the modem can provide, or if the user would like to power the LNB from the controller, or if the user would like to find satellite without the use of a modem, this option allows for power from the controller to be supplied to the LNB through the RX IN cable from the controller to the platform itself.


VSAT Antenna Controller 7000/7024

Re-peak every 1 hours 4: The Series Controller will then read the response from the modem in the text area below the command line. Page of ii. Confirm the pot and zero factors when prompted and save. This branch also contains the frequency, symbol rate, and code rate onetvu a reference transponder. Orient the Mobile Platform as depicted in any of the orientation figures within this manual.

To print the manual completely, please, download it.

Read the Forum rules. PL Zero point calibration calculates and sets the Zero value for all platforms. Mobile Platform will automatically stow the antenna should it experience extreme motion, such as severe shaking caused by poor weather conditions.

Navigating Menus To navigate the iNetVu? Compass Orientation and Approximate Values Software will display a pop-up on the pc screen asking end user to verify correct orientation of platform after Compass Calibration is selected within software. E — East W — West Modems operating in the eastern hemisphere require E to be selected, while modems operating in the western hemisphere require W to be selected.


For your safety and protection the following important safety information should be reviewed before installation, configuration and use of the iNetVu Satellite Platform System and Modem equipment. RF Threshold 55 Value will be displayed here, this value is configurable.

The status bar will appear, and the Controller firmware should be updated within a few minutes. Antenna will rotate 90?

Enter text from picture: If no password is required, this area should be left blank.

Connect all of the cables and components as depicted by the previous section. The user may select how much of the log file to upload from the Controller section of this maintenance menu.

TC Communications – iNetVu Controller

Jnetvu 72 of 7. Should the compass heading be inaccurate by more than 20 degrees, you may need to re-calibrate it, or select this option and override the compass.

The setup wizard will display a warning Contact your system administrator for additional info.

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