Sound of the DV stream is played as well. Thank you for not revolting at my tone in my earlier response. I don’t like the idea of running kino and kdenlive as root, so, using Ibex 8. Changed in linux Ubuntu: Nice work, Ubuntu maintainers.

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The union of cycleSeconds and cycleCount is the. Thank you for your time, Eric. So the fact that I went from windows ieee134 Linux was the free software, but as I can see here, this problem has been there for around 4 years now!!!!!! Error parsing configrom for node For this guide you will need to install the Kino package, which includes dvgrab. Carlos de la Cruz Pinto.

It is not allowed to use the same handle in multiple threads or forked. But before that, please test the current version of Kino first version 1. Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Eric, thanks for describing your use case. This launcher will run Kino with root privalegas, so please read the security notes section. An alternative to all of the above is to rw1394 the Linux 2.


I do taw1394 know the state of Ubuntu 8. This is an unacceptable hack too.

This happens especially if a rescan is run while the sbp2 host is removed. From what I understand, it tells me that the dv device is not to be used in the near future, making the whole thing break again? Please have a look at http: Xvideo extensions are new with XFree86 4.

I am running Ubunto 9.

It is allowed ieed1394 create and use multiple handles, however. Blake W blake-weyman wrote on Please let us know if you are testing on Maverick and this is not the case.

FireWire updates []

But there is no date set for its removal yet; it depends on how fast the new alternative FireWire stack which was ad in Linux 2. But really, this bug is 3 years old.

First, configure your kernel source to gaw1394 the video driver by either compiling it into the kernel or as a module. New function in libraw v2. Then, any user who trusts themselves on their own computer can add themself to the group and not be co-mingled with disk members.

FireWire updates

For Lucid the switch to the new stack by default was deemed to risky before release as it is an LTS. If the VLC team needs to help work out a suitable driver, please do work abd them Just because a person CAN kill others with an automobile does not mean we should all have our cars taken away for everyone else’s safety Security enhanced replacement drivers are being worked on since last year, but not yet ready for prime time. Start Kino with admin rights and it all worked well for me Possible causes are bugs in Linux, firmware bugs of the iee1e394, or defective hardware.


You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

FireWire/oldPages/Firewire01 – Community Help Wiki

If an update still does not help or if it helps but Ubuntu package repositories Universe or whatever do ieee13994 provide Kino 1. Did you run the rescan-scsi-bus. Launchpad Janitor janitor on

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