Get a registry file from here. Check my answer for details. It doesn’t work and I get a cryptic error message saying the boot device could not be located. Microsoft has apparently not seen fit to include an AHCI driver as part of a service pack. Vista and 7 come with a generic AHCI driver, with a more hardware-specific driver potentially available from the controller manufacturer. Now the list with drivers is populated with at least a new option. Type “yes” and then enter.

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If you choose the wrong one you may find yourself unable to boot and having to reinstall your image like I did Then ifh10 the second file listed, and extract these drivers to a folder you put somewhere on your C: Icy10 I just need to get grub back on here.

Message 6 of This driver is provided by the manufacturer of the storage controller, typically Intel on systems with an Intel CPU. It has to have SP3.

AHCI Supported Chipsets

Windows XP does not provide support out of the box. Still I’d like to post the steps I followed since there are some differences and it may be helpful for some other people. That is a common and reliable except with nForce, it seems method: Windows then boots properly and detects new devices, asking iich10 another reboot. It took no more than 10 minutes. I already have the correct drivers which are located in my motherboard disc. Then I manually installed haci INF file using:. Put your XP install cd in a folder.



MisterSmith – I have to vote this question down until such time the question is complete. As per the link, could be used for RAID. Select OK to reboot.

What is the specific chipset of the driver? Where can I get these drivers, and what’s the best way to install them? Off to the documentation and the boot. Check my answer for details.

If the motherboard manufacturer provides a SATA driver installer package specifically for XP, try installing that first. You auci the southbridge version because when you install a driver through the update driver for the ata storage controller through the device manager, it will give you a number of versions Then kch10 all dependant on your controller manufacturer. I’ve looked at this file before, and had never seen that ‘signature’ thing before. After arriving home, and without doing any backup at all XD, I finally got the job done.

The next step is to make sure you have a System Restore point available. The Update Driver Warning will be shown.


After the second driver install, Windows does not ask for a reboot. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Boot with your BartPE cd.

Select Install from a list or specific location Advanced.


Using CPUZ to identify your southbridge will save you doing what I did and having ot find out the hard way. After that, it asks for a second reboot. Notice that the drivers are different for 32bit and 64bit OSes, so it is important to pick the correct ones.

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