If the SmartMedia slot cover is opened while the camera is on, the camera will automatically turn off. Hit the Display button to use the LCD as a viewfinder, and a second time to dismiss the menus and have an unobstructed view of the subject. Digital tele might be useful for web applications, where you’re likely to be shooting at a smaller image size anyway, but its operation shouldn’t be confused with a true optical zoom lens. Like many digicams on the market, the MX stores images on SmartMedia cards. Focal length is 5. Besides cutting down the manufacturer’s cost it also makes it a little more conventional as most consumer digicams do use AA batteries. Flash In either Automatic or Manual capture modes, the flash setting menu can be accessed by hitting the Menu button.

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Camera Battery for Fujifilm MX.

It takes excellent closeups, which i need for product photos in my store. This playback zoom function can be very handy for checking your pictures for precise framing, or to make sure you’ve captured the shot you were looking for. In a pinch you can use the digital vuji but as with all digital zooms it simply does in-camera what you can do better later in software.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details such as the timestamp may not fully reflect those of the original file.

Here, you have the option of erasing a single frame, all frames or to format the card. In most cameras, this delay allows time for the autofocus and autoexposure systems to do their work.


Basic operation of the camera is pretty standard in Automatic mode. Since the lens is fixed-focus, there’s no autofocus function. Slow even by serial-port standards. The LCD monitor must ffuji on to utilize this function and the amount of digital zoom will appear on the upper left corner of the LCD monitor.

In the case of the LCD display, we found it tended to be a little misleading on the exposure when operating in viewfinder mode: All five flash modes are available to you. You can also crop, color correct and take out Red-Eye. The large dial changes the mode of operation between a simple one-page setup screen, selftimer, manual record options to change flash modes, white balance and AE compensationautomatic record, playback, delete, protect and connect to PC.

I still wouldn’t recommend using alkalines unless you’re caught in a situation where your NiMH batteries weren’t charged.

Steves Digicams – Fuji MX User Review

EZtouch allows some mxx1200 image manipulations while Adobe PhotoDeluxe provides additional manipulation capabilities with a wide variety of filters and formats for greeting cards, calendars and Internet uses. A maximum-resolution file Kbytes in size took seconds to download to the host. This looks like either a great “entry level” camera for someone just getting into digital photography, or perhaps a good “second camera” for the more advanced buff who wants something to just drop in a pocket and bring anywhere.

The optical viewfinder sits right on top of the lens and provides about 87 percent frame coverage. Test Results Expecting relatively little from a 1. Fuij the MX, since there’s no autofocus that happens along with the exposure determination, you can actually use the exposure lock somewhat like a “spot” meter in a more advanced camera.


Here, you have these options: Executive Overview The 1. Because the Macro function is selected with a separate switch on the side of the camera, you can use the Macro and Self-Timer functions together. The following page uses this file: The digital and AC jacks no video output and the SmartMedia slot are on opposite sides of the camera.

We’re reluctant to estimate “number of shots” in this fashion, but our tests indicate the camera should run for upwards of an hour and a half of continuous use with high-power NiMH rechargeable cells and the LCD on mx120. The controls are accessible, readily navigable, and easy to understand.

MX-1200 User Review

Weighing in at Here is an interesting sidenote not many people know, Fujifilm mx2100 the MX primarily in a decent box with cables and manuals which was common back then but somehow a picture surfaced on the internet showing the MX in a blister package, like the ones you’d expect to see in discount stores and malls! It will make a great gift for anyone who feels the need to divorce themselves from the money mill known as the film and developing industry.

See all 4 fji listings. This item doesn’t belong on this page. It doesn’t respond very much to changes in scene brightness. In fairness, you wouldn’t expect to find dioptric correction on such an inexpensive digicam, but a higher eye ffuji would have been nice.

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