S-Video capture quality is pretty good. They even take 24KHz Sega signals. This would prove really useful. I don’t really need to record retro. Anonymous Sun Nov 2

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The software you’re using is probably kiddie shit.

You can get some older high-end professional capture equipment for fairly cheap these days. I’m through with browsing sites that have anything but what I need.

Not very good, I’d recommend an actual capture card. This would prove really useful.

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Also, thanks to all who contacted us about sponsorship. I also haven’t tried p with it, only i. Your post will not be uploaded to original board.

I don’t really need to record retro. Last, if you already have a DV cam, you could also use firewire input to your PC and just hook up your consoles the camera.

Download and install eMPIA Technology USB 28285 Device driver

They have much more bandwidth and usually better mepia. It’s funny that i’m capable to capture retro vidya in a way higher quality than most americans play ed it. Anonymous Tue Oct 28 Anonymous Wed Oct 29 They need basically i. As such the system requirements are also a little too much for me.


MEDIA – eMPIA Technology – USB 28285 Device Drivers Download

If you want to stream your sufami on twitch at p using an RF cable as it was originally intended then, nah.

S-Video capture quality is pretty good.

It supported S-Video empua best but I only was able to use composite and it looked blurry. Anonymous Fri Oct 31 I think it actually just pulls up dialogs from the driver because they’re different for different cards but whatever, it gives me quick access to whatever I need.

Anonymous Mon Nov 3 I got a straight idea of what I want. Like delaying luma to catch up with chroma, or something.

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So what I can gather empja that page is: Reply to thread [? Leave empty for any. I have to convert RGBs to component before getting a compatible input, so that’s some more money.

But here it’s more a matter of knowledge how analogue video and video compression works. Just run it through a de-interlacer before touching it.


It says it supports p but the fact that only the latest gen consoles are mentioned makes me think they haven’t tested much stuff through. Anonymous Sun Nov 2 To do it properly, you want a video distribution amplifier.

I use that because it gives me precise control over everything the driver supports. Place a – before a word to exclude posts containing that word: The key to getting a good capture with this is the right settings.

Leave empty for any user 82285.

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