Cor little-un sitting up, sleeping like that! I said that caravan is soaking wet, I said! And the American system. I suppose it it Bring them home and tell them that you’re taking them home to air. Cos he isn’t home as much as he used to be.

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Never looks your way!

I said take Kirsty’s sleeping bag She was going on about the grass they’ve left on the. When you start you never stop with them. And the shower hasn’t got a curtain it’s got a big black door.

Take your caravan off? Well you can get erm two foot bunk beds nan. You wanna see it!

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And it was stew everyday if we didn’t go out for dinner! So why are the mattresses back there getting bloody damp? Branson has given money and er We could’ve had a And I don’t suppose, they’re not wet And it doesn’t stretch and it But we got it. It wasn’t, you know, it wasn’t terribly cold. The old age pensioners are paying for a caravan This is the bit where mama says I’m just like SusanI’ll have a go at it, I’ll demand it!


From work I’ll have to ring here He asked me if I could wait five minutes. And when we think that we saw it when it was new! And to dry that one I’ll just pack things all up shall I? So I might make a waistcoat. No, you’ll have to get in touch.

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Er, I would not have worries about it. Doesn’t look the same breed as these though. Did you have your tea Danny? Course, there was a See that man and woman that [ You can’t get them to admit that. I suppose vanilla essence or some of these I’ll have to go back up!

You’ll see it when you go over there. I don’t know, is there a controlled price on

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