Inside the stylish, compact body is a high quality camera that can handle shots in a wide variety of conditions. Photo enthusiasts looking for shutter- or aperture-priority controls, TIFF or raw file formats, or other extra features should check out the competition. Sony fixes data loss issues with firmware v2. Fujifilm’s 4K video cameras. By default, the Sony DSC-P employs a Multi-Metering mode to determine exposure, which reads the exposure from five sections across the frame. As with all Imaging Resource product tests, I encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the camera performed. Not sure which camera to buy?

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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P200

Register your product Get access to all information, keep your product up to date and enjoy great deals. Canon PowerShot SD 0. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size dsd. Snow mode enhances saturation and adjusts exposure, to prevent loss of color in bright white snowscapes, while Beach mode ensures that blue tones are recorded accurately in lakeside or seaside photos.

Visit manufacturer site for details. Outfitted with the accompanying wrist strap, it’s quick on the draw and easy to hold.

Submit a News Tip! The histogram graphs the tonal distribution of the image, giving you a quick idea of any over or underexposure. It’s been churning around the rumor mills for some time now, but Nikon Japan has confirmed the D and D have been discontinued.


Officials say ‘rogue drones’ have caused ‘chaos’ and shut down London’s Gatwick airport. An Image Resolution button calls up a list of the available resolution settings, removing this item from the main menu system for easier access.

Note about sample images: The camera’s Zoom control is in the upper right corner, conveniently located right above p2000 small ridge for better thumb traction when holding the camera. The Setup option formerly on the P2000 dial is now accessible from the menu system.

Sony DSC-P200

While most users of the Sony P probably won’t care, I was pleased to see that I could change the battery and memory card without removing my tripod mounting plate from the camera’s bottom. Suggested Retail Price As of March, Soft Snap mode warms skin tones and sets focus to slightly soft.

Dsx the optical zoom reaches 3x, Smart Zoom takes over, if enabled in the Setup menu. The P is not just all looks. Monitoring mode constantly adjusts focus before the Shutter button is halfway depressed, which locks focus this mode is likely to drain battery more quickly than the others because the focus motor and image processor is constantly at work.

See pics for more detail.

Sony DSC-P | eBay

Zeiss shows xsc footage of its ZX1 camera with Lightroom integration. Pressing it a fourth time restores the default display. Not sure which camera to buy? It’s a lot like its predecessor, but for the most part, that’s okay.


It would also make a great “pocket camera” for more experienced users. Learn how to enjoy and use Sony products. Also in Playback mode, the wide-angle end of the button activates the Index Display mode, which displays as many as nine thumbnail images on the screen at one time.

The Automatic setting takes away all user control, with the exception of flash, macro, and resolution. The movie mode can capture movies at a couple different quality settings: Although common adjustments such as red-eye reduction, EV setting, and flash compensation are tucked away in the menu system, the camera remembers the last-accessed submenu, which pops up the next time you press the menu key. It also records moving images by including MPEG movie mode. In keeping with my standard test policy, the comments given here summarize only my key findings.

What does that mean? Nikon Japan officially lists the D and D as discontinued. The Smart Zoom actually decreases the image size so none of the resampling or stretching occurs.

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