I’m not sure how to tell whether or not it is a mobile version? An error has occurred in cfx5solve: It is not my intention to cause a “troll”, but the output I found to solve the problem because I need to deliver the server running for client was using the “Proxmox. A real shame, i was having a great experience with XenServer until this happened. Reload [0x] at Ansys. Move Data After Swapping Bytes instruction popcnt:

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VFP version 3 with 16 D-registers tls: I will test parameters according to this documentation.

Precise-Event Based Sampling bts: AMD Decode Assists support pausefilter: User Mode Instruction Protection pku: Beyond that, the Hardware: I also emp the Linux Mint and also recognized all cpus. Originally Posted by luigi Tags cfxissueparallelpartitionerproblem Thread Tools.

Been trying to browse through this thread for tips but there are so many messages for so many distros By using our site, you acknowledge that you bht read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


December 16, If you run dmidecode from the CLI and it’s recognized as a command, to you see and difference in the CPUs detected from the hardware viewpoint? Acecss SMP, but unable to access cpuid driver. I have no problem on paying commercial support, but i have no guarantee that this issue would be solved any time soon.

The system also seems to be a little sluggish. I had been using htops which shows both cpus automatically.

I’ve found the same problem with CFX14 and debian wheezy. Intel Itanium Architecture bit not to be confused with Intel’s bit x86 architecture with flag x or “AMD64” bit indicated by flag lm pbe: Posted October 13, Comment 19 Suqin Huang Galois Field Acceas Instructions vaes: Adding to the author of this thread, i don’t have any RAID configuration, or anything out of the ordinary, is a very standard installation.

Only features directly related to the ARM architecture are mentioned there, not features specific to a silicon manufacturer or system-on-chip. On ARM processors, a few features are mentioned in the features: Posted October 27, Mon Oct 8 Comment 6 Suqin Huang CPU in recovery mode longrun: May 9, Save Processor Extended States: No such file or directory Found unknown cache descriptors: Originally Posted by kruka 1. SWP instruction atomic read-modify-write half: August 7, Intel Power Limit Notification pts:


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