Views Read Edit View history. The chip is a Crystal Audio AC’97 compatible device, and after much searching I managed to find 3 different sets of drivers that might work. AC’97 defines a high-quality, or bit audio architecture with 5. Since you’re running Win98, I’m way out of practice and can’t offer any pointed accurate advice, I haven’t even seen Win98 running on a PC in at least years I hope one of ’em works! The specification covers two types of component, and the “AC-link” digital interface between them:. This is as far as I get with the second set of drivers I found, with the system sound device still unusable.

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After a restart the device still has the yellow icon in the Device Manager and is, of course, unusable. They are usually small square chips with 48 pins pin QFP package. Attempting to install another driver results in Windows telling me the current driver is up to date.

Does T23 audio support Sound Blaster Pro/16 emulation? – Thinkpads Forum

It appears that the Pavilion XL was sold with 2 different Crystal audio chips: Looking at the specs to try and find the motherboard http: For the audio driver try this. I view properties and see this: Attempting to update it by right clicking “update driver”, selecting “choose from a list of drivers” and selecting “have disk” results in a “device not fully compatible with this driver” error with CS I run setup, restart, and now the device appears as such: This page was last edited on 13 Octoberat They do NOT have “setup.


Right click on the sound device listed in Unknown Devices and select “Device Details”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I seem to have some potentially working drivers here I didn’t see any “incompatible hardware” errorsbut I’m having different problems with all 3 of them. I’ve done this with sound drivers and modem drivers when things got rough.

AC’97 – Wikipedia

Every time I remove the device and restart, Windows finds it again and automatically assigns this driver to it again. I’m eager to get this going and am sure at least one of these links will do the trick, but first I need to get a monitor for this as I won’t be bringing this machine with me to my apartment.

I ran setup and restarted the machine, and the device now appears as “Crystal Audio Codec” in Device Manager with an exclamation icon.

The specification covers two types of component, and the “AC-link” digital interface between them: The first listed CS driver does not give me this error, however, attempting to install all three drivers results in a DLL error and an illegal program operation.


(Windows 98) Problems Installing Crystal Audio Sound Drivers

Can anyone help me? My video card is pretty minimal. Crashdance22Aug 11, The link carries a bidirectional serial data stream at a fixed bitrate Let us know how it works out!

I’ll post back with an update when I get a chance. Crashdance22Sep 9, All I can codce otherwise is try to “force” the correct driver by ignoring the message that says “device not fully compatible with this driver” and “force” Windows to accept that driver.

This capability depends on the codec.

As to the hardware buffering, it shouldn’t be a problem, and the only way around it is to install a PCI sound card that has hardware buffering. Codec audjo have an AC97 interface on one side and analog audio interface on the other.

This is as far as I get with the second set of drivers I found, with the system sound device still unusable. Thanks for the fast responses! Maybe you can see it on the motherboard. Slots 1, 2 and 12 are used for non-audio data, while slots 3—11 carry up to nine channels of raw pulse-code modulation PCM audio signals.

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