I managed to get into the game yesterday by selecting new game pronto, but as soon as i went to change the graphics options it blacked out. My latest crash gave me the Blue Screen of Death, which said: Maybe it is a faulty card after all. Ask a question and give support. It crashed while I was downloading the ATI drivers. As games use more advanced shading techniques, computational throughput tends to matter more than fill rate, so this is no small thing. One area where the X GT hasn’t been hobbled is vertex shader units; all eight of those remain intact.

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When it started again, it had the “recovered from a serious error” box, which gave me these details: Are you installing the Catalyst Control Center version? I wanted you to be aware that there were PSU’s with multiple rails.

Connect3D Radeon X800 XT – Platinum Edition – graphics card – Radeon X800 XT – 256 MB Series

There was one review further down by paul robson: Connect3v been superceded by newer models that have a 24 pin motherboard connector mine has only a 20 pin with which I used a 24 pin adapter and dual 12V rails. I’ve read about PSUs being a problem, I have speedfan but don’t really know what it’s showing me, could anyone interpret?


The same R graphics processor that powers the uber-fast Radeon X XTX lies under the sleek, single-slot cooler of the Connec3td GT, but in this implementation, about a quarter of the R’s functional units have been disabled for the sake of product segmentation.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email connet3d will not be published. I’ve got copies of both drivers ready to try out, 32 and I’m going to have a go with the first one, mixture of budget and my friend’s one running a higher system than mine fine. Run scandisk on your hard drive just in case there is any data corruption.

You probably did but I’m just checking. We’re about to find out. To get the 64 raseon driver from the ATI website you would have to scroll down the left side a bit to find it. What do you think of the one I posted the link for? If you just got the “default” Catalyst driver, it should be 32 bit.

Connect3d ATI Radeon AGP MB keeps resetting and crashing – TechSpot Forums

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. Fadeon card features dual DVI ports and full video input and output capabilities.

The problem seems to be caused by the following file: Graphics Previous page Next page. I’ve no clue if it’s a 32 system or what-have-you. However, the Antec has continued to power my system without trouble. This new hotness is scheduled to hit the virtual shelves of online stores later this week.


Your power supply only has 10 amps on the 12V rail. Is there a thread or site that can simplify my searching? Now I come to think of it, with my old Nvidia card I used to have connect3d problem whilst playing Uru, I guess insufficient power would explain both, and dadeon why it’s more frequent now Conect3d have a more powerful card Customize The Tech Report Notify me of new posts by email.

I’ve been recommended this by a friend: I would recommend at least W to give you adequate margin and the more amps the better, at least 18A but A would be better. Thanks for all your help so far! By the way, I can include my DxDiag if that would help?

While keeping everything else at the bare minimum, Connect3D had kept the price down too. Well that didn’t solve the problem This is getting ridiculous.

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