Wow that was odd. We do not provide a linux implementation. Do i need to download any library or jar file? This forces the programmer to write “monster” listeners, discriminating according to the event type. In principle an application can register event listeners with a particular SerialPort to be kept informed about important events happening on that port.

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JavaComm is notorious, because it requires a file called javax.

How communicate with serial port in Java ?

Subscribe in a reader. Hai all, This is the error i am getting. But when i am trying to add this applet in the HTML page it is not running and in the console this error is coming. JCL is part of the RxTx distribution. If available if you can provide me the link then it will be most help ful, cheers!! These can be either paths to directories containing ports or paths to specific serial or parallel ports.

I don’t get any of my system messages, including the one at the top of my init method. Read the IDE’s documentation.

Converting program into an applet

Some doofus programmer at Sun decided that it would be cool to again and again check for the existence of the dreaded javax. We do not provide a linux implementation. Username Password Remember Me? Setting win32drivrr a serial Event Handler import javax. It should especially be noted that some versions of JavaComm come with two installation instructions.


java – ties not working for 64 bit windows – Stack Overflow

Defining win32vriver Using Applet Parameters http: Please Sign up or sign in to vote. Sign up using Facebook. My app now finds the javax. This email is in use. Some versions of JavaComm 2. I am new to java, and have put together some code actually put two examples from the Sun site together to make a write and read from serial port – RFID device connected.

This forces the programmer to write “monster” listeners, discriminating according to the event type. I would like to pass the COM port if possible.

As much suh I would like to help every one with the Comm api, I am no longer have a linux machine for experiments. Unfortunately, Sun does not provide any real tutorial or some introductory text. Recently, RxTx has been adopted to provide the same interface as JavaComm, only that the package names don’t match Sun’s package names.


Unfortunately, Sun doesn’t pay much attention to serial communication in Java. However, in the typical Sun manner this mechanism is not without problems.

If there is no JavaComm implementation for a particular platform available, but an RxTx implementation is, then RxTx could be used as a driver on that platform for JavaComm. comk

Error instantiating class com. It is shipped with a default set of values that work on the target platform. I will try to relocate the file on my machine and reupload it again soon. A stream would be more typical. RxTx – if not used as a JavaComm driver – provides a richer interface, but one which is not standardized. I personally use Netbeans IDE from http: Click on Search 3.

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