For example, if you install the driver in a directory named “DataDirect” that is not on the Windows system path, you can use this property to specify the directory containing the NTLM authentication DLLs. This action ensures that the driver is compliant with the ANSI SQL standard, which makes developing cross-database applications easier. Multiple trigger results are returned one at a time. If the driver can determine the database data type, the driver sends the String parameter data to the server as Unicode if the database type is an n-type for example, nvarchar. If set to -1, the driver uses the default maximum packet size used by the database server. The default is implicit. If you know that your application does not require table name information, this setting provides the best performance.

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If you install the driver in a directory that is not on the Windows system path, perform one of the following actions to ensure the driver can load the DLLs: Network authentication must be provided by Windows Active Directory on sqlwerver of the following operating systems: PacketSize Typically, it is optimal for the client to use the maximum packet size that the ddyek allows. The SendStringParametersAsUnicode property controls whether the driver sends String parameter values to the server as Unicode for example, nvarchar or non-Unicode for example, varchar.

If set to cursor, a server-side cursor is requested.

The values type4, type2, and none are deprecated, but are recognized for backward compatibility. From the Connection menu, select Connect to DB. From the database server, use the ISQL utility to run the instjdbc.


Connecting to a Database

Although a signed trusted SSL certificate is recommended for the best degree of security, Microsoft SQL Server dvtek provide limited security protection even if an SSL certificate has not been configured on the server.

In addition, J2SE 1. Any entries for statements or parameter sets that failed contain the value Statement. For example, suppose you created a table with the following statement:.

The MS SQL Server Driver

Optionally, set the HostNameInCertificate property to a host name to be used to validate the certificate. If the size of the result set data exceeds the buffer size, the driver pages the result set data to disk.

If your application retrieves long data column values out of order, long data values must be cached on the client. Because the result set data may be written to disk, the driver may have to reformat the data to write it correctly to disk.

Data Source and Driver Classes

As a general guideline, set the timeout value to allow sufficient time for a transaction sqlserferdriver complete under heavy traffic load. The new Database connection property can be used as a synonym of the DatabaseName connection property.

The Driver for Apache Hive. However, if the following variables are true for your application, the best setting for this property is cursor, which means use server-side database cursors: The maximum cache size setting jsbc 2 GB. As a general rule, applications should clean up orphaned connections at startup and when the application is notified that a connection to the server was lost.

A user name is required only if SQL Server authentication is enabled on your database.

TrustStore Specifies the directory of the truststore file to be used when SSL server authentication is used. If the driver cannot load the DLL, the driver throws an exception. If set to 0, the driver caches all insensitive result set data in memory, up to a maximum of 2 GB. The driver returns the results of Insert, Sqlxerverdriver, or Delete statements and the update count in separate result sets.


The driver does not apply any data conversions to the XML data returned from the database server. For example, if the value of col1 in the following Select statement udbc null, the comparison evaluates to true:.

If set to true, server-side updatable cursors are created when an updatable result set is requested. If set to implicit, the driver uses implicit transaction mode.

The value is the fully qualified path of the directory that contains the DLL. The optimal value depends on the typical size of data inserted, updated, or returned by the application and the environment in which it is running.

This performance penalty can be severe if the size of the long data is larger than available memory. If a value is specified for the CodePageOverride property and this property is set to fdtek, this property is ignored and a warning is generated.

However, this type of cursor cannot be used with insensitive result sets or with sensitive results sets that are not generated from a database table that contains a primary key. The SQL Server driver supports scroll-sensitive result sets, scroll-insensitive result sets, and updatable result sets.

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