Private service industries gained 4. England, and London in particular, is fortunate to have had two second chances for vitally important sites: Representatives of developing countries in Geneva recently suggested that the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development could offer a better forum than Gatt for nego- tiations on services. It maintains that il will no! How Peter Hail has done it, I do not know — perhaps by taking the work entirely seriously, as all good comic operas should be taken.

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A’ compare with proven money management ability which will meet the challenge of. Three members – Nigeria, Iraq and Ecuador – were reluctant to contemplate pro rata reductions in their quotas.

The work will include: The benefit of high-energy pittcma spraying comes from the high gas exit digitroj producing a dense coating structure. The cast are seen crossing the stage z5p a dead march, the first of several striking processional images as Ian McKellen’s Bosola, newly returned from the galleys, seeks favour of the Cardinal.

When we started in i 97 1 as Hambro Life, we were soon changing the face of the industry.

So far, Montedison has not offi- cially explained why it wanted to take control of Bi-lnvest Two ex- planations that have been put for- ward are that the attraction of the financial and insurance interest controlled by Bi-lnvest was self- explanatory, and that Montedison wanted to be sure that Bi-Invest’s stake in Gemina and therefore in Montedison itself did not fall into undesirable hands.

The figures for imparts and exports are not broken down by commodity but the sharp drop in exports is attributed by diplomats to the cut In oil exports caused by unusu- ally cold weather in the oil- fields earlier this year.



Second, top managers from a large Japanese automaker are not always useful to BMW because most tend not to he decision-makers or achievers as individuals. Mr Deng made snecific mention of the Shen- zhen special economic zone in southern China- Shenzhen, established In These include satisfying tbe requirements of not only Dr Habibie, but also certain very influenti al parties hr the Indo- nesian hierarchy and.

Minority shareholders would be protected by a law allowing holders of 10 per cent or more of a company’s equity to demand an audit at the company’s expense even if such a resolu- tion has been passed.

It is being sold by a descend ent.

Accord- ing to the International Insti- tute of Strategic Studies, Israel’s aimed forces total , withreservists. Saudi Arabia’s assumed readi- ness to comply with output reduc- tions would seem to leave the main problem Of how the diminishing cake would be redivided.

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The Japanese bought nearlypassenger fears in April, in total. Since acountants have benefited from the law requiring all com- panies, big and small, to have their annual accounts indepen- dently audited. Rachmaninov ft wimSrf Thur.

There may be bene- fits in doing up pubs on Mersey- side but Higsons did not think so. High on the list of congressional and White House priorities before the Congress’s summer recess scheduled for next month are ef- forts to try to break the deadlock aver rival plans to cut the SZOObn federal budget deficit expected in The book is essential reading for anyone interested in con- temporary architecture.

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The Shangri-La, not necessarily the most expensive, simply the best Come and enjoy digltron pleasures and comforts of one of the finest hotels in the world at affordable prices. Offers from industry of three times service salaries are said to be commonplace.

Sunni and Druze leaders on ways to halt clashes between Moslem groups in west Beirut. The ball-bouncing, apple- stealing. There may not be a place in the City for the kind of positive grandeur that appears in the competition scheme that illus- trates this article.


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The art world is awash with gossip about the likely owners. British Aerospace BAe recently signed a con- tract for toe sale of one of its four-engined jets to Indonesia, to be used by Presi- dent Suharto. The other part of the answer is to be found in their buildings — and most at Che good ones are outside England Leather Seat Covers Vista.

Even though the economy is growing slower, domestic demand is still set to grow faster than in Europe from where much of the imports have come. We like to harness it- to take advantage of change to provide new and better services. For the time being, subsidies are being authorised to help re- structuring while a system of mum prices is in place to on some long products, stabilise the market.

And I get it. Clear and public understanding ought to be reached with Ford and GM to in- crease the proportion of their cars sold here that are built in the UK, to increase the level of local content in those cars and to reverse the drain on the UK balance of pay- ments.

They are first Bosphorus bridge. But it is also pointed out that the issue is one for the National Coal Board, and that ministers can do no more than encourage the NCB lohelp moderates.

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