A stream of four channels at eight bit would look like:. So you can skip this setup about modules. Important folders in the iio: In either case, the conversion is started on rising edges. These files are used to configure the driver and to make single value measurements. You can have a look at this documentation inline:

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How to use the ADC lines

For the G20, you have two types atmep hardware triggers, either timer counters are the trigger for the conversion, either an external pin is used to provide such an input. Of course, if you set it to false here, all the triggers relying on this pin won’t be available to the driver.

IO method, output format and data destination can be ateml at command line. Other terms and product names may be trademarks of others. It converts streamed data to CSV output that can be stored on disk or network. In either case, the conversion is started on rising edges. Example on how to setup the timer counters.

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Build the Linux kernel image: Navigation Frequently Asked Questions. The first step is to get the Linux kernel: Read a single value from channel n Note: With device tree, name of the device may change to some form like “fc Software Triggers Software triggers are an ADC operating mode where the software starts the conversion.


It is a simple linear trimmer 1Kohm but any value add ok with the central cursor wired to J4.

Documentation for this Linux subsystem is available in the kernel source code directory: It is most likely to be 0, but you can be sure by looking into the name file in that directory. On VREF no voltage higher than 3.

Terms of use of this documentation.

To produce a kernel image suitable for U-Boot: The device uses a double buffering technique and supports blocking as well as non-blocking read and poll.

A description of configuring and compiling the linux kernel can be found in our linux guide.

Please note at991 all of the software we talking about is Open Source so you have to check any license provided by the software authors before using it in any commercial or non-commercial product, by yourself. Check if your ADC driver is already available by using this command: First, load the driver: Atmep you need to read a higher signal use a schematic like this:. Ten bit measurements result in streams with 16 bit channel data. A stream of four channels at eight bit would look like: Sample program The attached sample program test.


Using ADC on AT91SAM9G20 based products

All material on this collaboration platform is the property of the contributing authors. Sergio Tanzilli System designer, software developer and company co-founder tanzilli acmesystems. In order to use the driver kernel sources need to be patched.

In this way the max sample resolution we obtain is about 3. In case of sharing please indicate the origin: How to set it up Basically, what you should do for launching the hardware triggers is: Data streaming Besides reading single values through the sysfs interface, the driver provides a data streaming mode what was the main intention of this work.

The attached sample program test.

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