Thus we’ll be able to estimate the gain from 4 additional pipelines. But we must remember GeForce in serial production might have higher clock rates but prices may be above. Video 3Digests Video cards: The time will tell. Evidently, there’s only one level of data texture caching here, in contrast to NV

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A new architecture based on the latest. Note that we used both new, and old games in this test section. With R’s and RV’s 6 vertex shaders combined with higher clock speeds than the previous generation, ATI was able to more than double the geometry processing capability of XT.

ATI Radeon X800 Pro and XT Platinum Edition: R420 Arrives

Note that the current DirectX version coupled with current drivers doesn’t offer 2. The buffer’s size is not announced, but to all appearance, it is a little below KB in R Besides, all X boards are produced only in one place and only by ATI orders, vendors just apply their stickers. General chip scheme Observant readers will immediately see that the scheme virtually coincides with NV NVIDIA shows higher peak frame buffer performance 0 textures – flood fill and single texturebut ATI does better with texture sampling as their number grows.


First, it’s at least 1. As stated above, the more modern the test is This is made possible by the highly scalable and efficient architecture of the RADEON X that uses 16 parallel pixel pipes and 6 vertex pipes to process more than 8 billion pixels and almost million vertices per second. Then we clear the contacts.

The card is deemed worthy of the “Excellent Package” award for Agi Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus.

Thus we won’t find any differences here.

And sometimes even outruns GeForce Ultra that’s positioned on the next price level! But the payment comes in the form of additional passes, which makes the solution not so ideal. Or it’s a product of texture module pipeline latency? But nevertheless, new products raden announced in April and May. Neither card’s results jumped switching between odd and even digits that is usual for TMUs-per-pixel configurations.

It also has sophisticated video processing, filtering and acceleration features that make multimedia applications more efficient, inspiring and fun. More gaming test results will be provided in radein next article. The “R”-based X line was available in 3 forms: Software making heavy use of normal mapping could gain a significant speed boost from the savings in fillrate and bandwidth by using 3Dc.

So, it’s not only overclockers that will be radeoon to overclock the card.


ATI Radeon X Pro and XT Platinum Edition: R Arrives

Pentium 4 MHz based PC: During calculations, a full-value pool of temporary registers can be used with no loss in performance or penalty for using more than four rzdeon, as is the case with Pri In general, there are two facts to state: The cooler has been simplified as the GDDR3 memory doesn’t require compulsory cooling. To comply with Wikipedia’s lead section guidelinesplease consider modifying the lead to provide an accessible overview of the article’s key points in such a way that it can stand on its own as a concise version of the article.

We consider R better for gaming, while NV40, perhaps, would perform better in DCC and other professional fields that require long and complex shaders. Tests will show real effectiveness. We saw this card performs very good on rradeon background of the previous products. The latter differ only by pattern swap frequency 3 is the highest. NV40 caches textures more effectively and its two-level cache rules.

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