This latter in particular can cause issues if you happen to get stunned whilst you’re firing, leaving you temporarily immobilised. Jan 21, 3: They make decent choices as all-round shields – whilst not optimal, they’ll perform reasonably well in most situations, and can take some fairly heavy punishment. This basically means your weapon will go back into its default position faster, allowing you to shoot with a shorter pause between bullets, and also reload faster. Regrettably, these weapons are pretty terrible in LD thanks to invincibility frames – which is probably just as well, otherwise they’d be the only weapon that people would ever use.

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This agent, even with just two weapon slots, you can swap out as the peaceaker requires and still be sure of getting effective damage against four out of six enemy types, and neutral against the last two.

In PvP, the guns can be good at disrupting players with their knockdown, and Recon deathmarks can do a considerable amount for boosting their damage and turning them into sniper guns of doom. Just to make sure people aren’t being misleading. So’s the best offense. You do know that speed killing is not always the best thing to do, right?

There was an error. Swings both sword at a degree arc, dealing both forms of damage, then left becoming Shadow, right becoming Elemental.

What do you think of my main PvE Loadout? :: Spiral Knights Obecné diskuze

ASI Contrary to what you might possibly think, ASI doesn’t speed up the bullets you fire; instead, it speeds up the rate at which you fire by speeding up the attack animation. Thank you for the watch: Cutters are fast normal-damage swords with long combos. Now you want to make the most out of their abilities; what offensive bonuses are you going to go for?


An AP or sent does somewhere around Plus run swift strike? However, it takes Krogmo Coins to purchase, which people may or may not wish to bother with.

Curse weakness Fallen’s resistances make it a rather better option than the rest of the Angelic line, with Poison and Fire resistance and a Curse weakness.

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Jan 20, 5: My least favourite is Fiends, with Gremlins being a close second. Medalthough you may still want to stick to Swiftstrike with its universal ASI bonus instead, or a different shield for more defensive purposes. We strongly urge all our users to upgrade to modern browsers for a better experience and improved security.

New to the game? Plating is a pale blue. Handgun Damage If you’re planning on doing solo runs as a gunner, you are going to want handgun damage bonuses.

Please note that if something says ‘boss reward’, this means that a the base item is not craftable onva b the recipes are only available from Basil, as opposed to through HoH. Curse weakness and Med Poison, Fire and Shock weakness makes this something of a glass cannon helmet, but less so than Chaos, and with a speed bonus to boot. This can partly be countered by making good use of the invincibility frames triggered once you take damage on your shield, by allowing your shield to be pinged by a hit, and then peacemwker it and backing out of the way.


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But, there are better elemental guns out there. The charge essentially slams the sword into the ground in front of you for heavy damage and knockback. That is technically single target damage. Um you have 3 weapons slots and only two out of four damage types?

Hail is more utility than damage, with its freeze ability to lock enemies in place; however, the bullet does have a chance to break the freeze before you can make use of the peacemake, so you might not wish to aim for ricochets all the time. Cleverpun has a whole guide focused on Driver use here, with some extremely helpful tips.

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Hey, thank you so much for waaatching! They are all much the same for t1 PvP purposes, except for statuses, and also noav are you even playing t1 PvP right now. Both will do considerably better with a load of ASI slapped on top; hopefully if you’re using these you’re also using a Swiftstrike Buckler. This is shield-canceling the firing animation then swapping to peacemzker different weapon and back before shooting again to prevent the reloading animation weapons must be bound to individual keys to switch weapons instantly.

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