Ubuntu tries its best to include drivers. November 22nd, 3. Now you’ll want to briefly switch users back to your normal username, so type: If you have trouble unpacking the file, see the troubleshooting section for this. Once you have your wireless and networking settings recorded and the source code and firmware tarballs in hand, if you are not already booted to Linux, go ahead and do so.

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You will also need to make the acc111 edit in the file: November 21st, 1. Adding this in case anyone else has an old acx wifi card and is having trouble getting it to work on ubuntu. Otherwise, if you’d prefer to use the firmware from your own Windows’ driver CD then this is what you need to know: Join Date Jul Beans 2, You may now be wondering why this older version of the driver hasn’t rendered your card functional.

By this question, I mean, do you have the tools scx111 which to build the driver sources? Make sure to use the actual complete filename of the file you downloaded, to see it, you can type: Menu items for this are typically: While there may indeed be a newer version, this guide acx1111 based entirely and only on the version and link listed above, and only that version remember, this driver is still considered ‘experimental’ and incremental versions can have their problems and are intended for testing purposes.


Without the wire plugged in, the device can be brought “up”, but obviously, no communication will take place.

BB code is On. Though I can’t always solve every issue, I’m willing to try.

When I went acx1111, there was one file named ‘ FwRad The most common cause is incorrect or missing firmware, please revisit the section in the acx team’s readme acx Be sure to substitute your “normal” username and the correct filename rc. Save the file to some media that will be accessible to you after you boot into Linux. Unsuccessful output will look similar to this:.

RPM resource acxfirmware

After doing a lot of searching on the net, it seems that indeed we may have to resort to ndiswrapper. Here we see mine: You may now be tempted to bring up whatever GUI tool for configuring network cards came with your distribution, understand that I can’t help you if you use one of these tools to configure this device.

It’s virtually impossible these days to find that the tar program has not been installed, you would have had to dig deep acx1111 eliminate it at install time, and you would most likely have been warned not to do that. November 24th, 9. Unless you’re using Knoppix, I don’t recommend that you solve the missing kernel-source issue by downloading what looks like a match from http: I’m still working on a new page that will apply to this new driver.


Now you’ll want to briefly switch users back to your normal username, so type: To discover what IP address is assigned to the interface wlan0, type: I am following instructions from: And again, if you get the “bad interface address” error from that ping command, you’ll need to substitute wlan0’s IP address for “wlan0”.

acx – Debian Wiki

I recommend you go to your access point’s setup and set it to broadcast it’s ssid, non-broadcasting stations are not exactly “hidden” from those who want to see them, so this kind of “security” measure is dubious at best.

Also be aware that if the name contains spaces, you’ll need to enclose it with quotes like this: I just installed ubuntu USB device users, this applies to you also, just take note of the extra edit required. Hi, Sorry for being so late, I wasn’t ready with a useful reply.

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