An example would be to name the Asus F3Jm , which was tested by us in October , and achieved a comparable performance with PCMarks, although to a considerably higher price then. Righties have a definite advantage due to the placement of the optical drive on the right edge. A special feature of the Aspire G is a key which can be programmed by the user , which is also found in the right area over the keyboard, directly over both loudspeakers. An overdrive can sometimes be noticed at maximum volume, though. The application performance is corresponding to that of a multimedia starter device at a low price. The viewing angle stability in the vertical viewing field is, as for many notebook displays common, rather restricted. The total orientation on movie rendering, which is also reflected in the

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A UMTS modem is searched for in vain, though. The left to center upper side becomes noticeably warmer under load.

It tries to score with an HDMI connection, DVD drive alternately, but not integrated into the test device, also with BluRay driveand a sound system optimized for Dolby surround sound. A combination of a Realtek AL C soundcard and a Dolby optimized surround system with two built-in Acer 3DSonic stereo loudspeakers provide for a good sound.

For instance, it’s not easy to establish if the power button has been pressed or not under power supply the ring around the power connection lights up a bit. Below the further results:. The application performance is corresponding to that of a houchpad starter device at a low price. However, other multimedia devices reached similar values already two and a half years ago, though. This will be more or less noticeable depending on the application, for instance when your interest is captivated elsewhere in gaming.


We could only establish problems in the area of the optical drive in the test. The Acer Aspire G variations with an independent graphic card are also optionally available with a BluRay drive. Acer Laptop Palmrests for Aspire One. Both built-in loudspeakers have a very dominant place over the keyboard. The utilization of a larger battery isn’t possible for the same reason, as it would restrict the opening angle too much. The keyboard has a separate numerical block, at expense of the key size.

Try holding Fn and touch F6 or F7 key. At this point you shouldn’t forget that we are still dealing with a mobile PC, for which only a small part of its application field is taken up from playing movies. With a total main memory capacity of four gigabytes RAMthe system bids also the maximum of a 32 Bit operating system addressable RAM capacity.

There is no touch pad listed in my Control Panel mouse selection. Already slight deviations from the ideal perpendicular viewing angle have an obvious image distortion as a consequence. You could install it with just P. Intensely reflective display at adverse light conditions as for instance outdoors.

This can also be confirmed by Lavalys’ Everest Report.

How to unlock touchpad on Acer Aspire laptop | AW Designs Blog

With this, you would also reach the mainboard’s maximum supported capacity. The sole brake of the otherwise high-quality plastic case is the restricted opening angle. Remember where you downloaded it to aspiire your acer aspire touchpad. Particularly the price plays an important role, especially for multimedia starter notebooks and AMD is the leader here. At a configuration of more than 4 gigabytes RAM, you should definitely consider the selection of a 64 bit capable operating system so that the whole memory can be used under Windows.


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The fix worked — I am over the moon! Other configurations vary from this through the graphic solution or a BluRay touchpa option, for example. A significant stumbling block for the device’s mobile use is the short battery lifewhich is tightly measured with a maximum of up to 2 hours.

On the other hand, the hinges are fairly stiff so that a further opening of the lid is only possible using both hands. We also put the Aspire G to a further practical gaming test with the popular shooter Call of Duty 4. The opening mechanism’s counterpart, in the form of a central lever on the base unit, works perfectly but is rather difficult to reach due to the relatively large width of the notebook. That is the magic.

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