Is the rive flagged as bootable in the BIOS? Patreon donations are eligible for Perks! Colin Smith, Sep 4, It ran fine after that. What are your favorite holiday food and beverages? Remove the CD as the system begins to restart and then reinsert it after the boot up process.

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Can’t see SATA controller in Abit KV7

I’m really at a loss here, any ideas? Donate Sidebar by DevFuse. Is the rive flagged as bootable in the BIOS? Right now I am just using it as extra space, but I will eventually put windows on it. Have you dug into the bios of the motherboard?

I just purchased an abit KV7 board with onboard sata, and a Maxtor sata hard drive to go with it. Does anyone have any ideas? Jef I just purchased an abit KV7 board with onboard sata, and a Maxtor sata hard drive to go with it.

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I believe you figured it out. May edited May I haven’t seen that system on new egg since but there are plenty just like it for little cost. In this instance, I took the jumper off completely and the drive was recognised. An in-expensive card would allow you to add more drives or move away from the IDE drives.

How do you install sata on KV7? Please help!

I had to call support. If the sata driver doesn’t work I would tell you to try the via 4 in 1 driver next.

And i thougt i cud “play” with a new computer to day: Press Enter at this item and select from the list of detected disks on the sub-menu. What’s with the Expo thread already?

Any donation is appreciated! Daft question, where does one find the online flash utility, or am I missing something really simple.

Colin Smith, Sep 4, I satx that system for my mother but that is plenty of power for whs v1 or for that matter. It’s there in the manual. Sign In Sign Up. Powered with ill-gotten helium. Another interesting occurrence is that my machine restarts when I enable the Sata RAID controller in the device manager.


Anyway try the 2 drivers I mentioned above and we will go from sta. Brian Brunner, Sep 12, Thanks but have already been there could only find details of upgrading by floppy. Which makes me, er, pleased.

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Sign up for a new account in our community. Oh long time since ive been in this forum. What happens after my computer starts up, is aata it starts all over again.

The weird thing is that I see the drive listed as a serial ch0 master during the second boot screen but the drive is not recongnized within windows

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