Sliding off the paper sleeve reveals a black box, with the IEMs and accessories inside. Please consider the following points are usually helpful in a review in this sub forum and SBAF in general: Into the midrange, it’s more obvious that the ASG has the cleaner sound of the two. The mid-level DIY tube headphone amp from Bottlehead. Both the A3H and the FLC8 are extremely bang-for-buck in their respective markets and both are top choices if bass and mids are your priority. Ryan Teo on November 27, 8: Do I have enough experience to back my claims up?

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Sure, I did get used to it after a month or two, having some of that magical brain burn-in setting itself in, but it was the moment that I put on my A3H did the memories of my initial impressions come flooding back.

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AAW’s New Beginnings: A Comprehensive Overview of the A3H (2018) and A1D (2018)

This and the above one are a common psychology to drive the hype train. The A3H on the other hand is dead smooth all the way to its peak at 7K, which can give the illusion of darkness to some.

Also what would be your thoughts on a3h vs gr07 mk2? Calling SRH neutral reference is not going to make your review make sense to lots of people.


AAW A3H | Super Best Audio Friends

Filter changes do not affect performance as far as I can tell. Build quality is very good as well with attractive sudio, a beautiful cable, and excellent comfort, even for people like me with small ear canals.

Or please refer to the pinned post of Shotgunshane’s IEM recommendations. WarriorGarnsFlySweep and 11 others like this. GriffonSep 25, Attachment is description of product and explain why hybrid technology that we invented and have Chinese patent on. All in all, they are more-or-less on equal footing with one another. Make no mistake, the Aurisonics are the more technically capable IEMs overall, having greater clarity, detail and treble extension.

Your name or email address: Into the midrange, it’s more obvious that the ASG has the cleaner sound of the two. How much new toy syndrome am I having? Apologies that I don’t have time to recreate another full review here, but please feel free to jump over to my blog if you want to know all the ‘in’s and out’s”. December 28, 2. December 16, 0. However, where the ASG fell short for me was in enjoyment; it took me months to like it. Where the A3H excels in dynamics and sub-bass, the ASG is a mid-bass and impact monster, even with the bass ports fully closed.

Which is quite the disappointment, considering my love for Sinatra and jazz. This has its obvious advantages in rock and electronic that are the A3H’s natural weaknesses. Due to the nature of the lower midrange, the mids of the A3H are thicker and much more narrow.


JK47Sep 25, Sort Reviews Sort Reviews By. I would like to put it on the table that yes, I am aware a3n Aurisonics and their rather fickle history with the ASG series. You can also subscribe without commenting.

What did you use to drive the AAW?

A3H | ASUS Global

The first time I borrowed the ASG, I was blown away by the speed and punchiness and impact of the bass, followed a3n me taking it out just half an hour due to the headache it gave me. Do I have enough experience to back my claims up? Sep 25, Likes Received: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

OP is a faggot. It could be a coherency issue, perhaps a tuning side-effect, but at any case creates a sibilance effect that I have not experienced with other headphones.

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